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Artificial Intelligence - Curriculum for Adult Education

Welcome to the e-learning platform Artificial Intelligence – Curriculum for Adult Education. This interactive platform is prepared for trainers in adult education and for adult learners who are interested in the field of AI. If you want to learn more about this intriguing theme, you are at the right place! This platform will lead you through plenty of interesting AI topics. Moreover, it will also help you teach others about artificial intelligence and how it affects our professional and everyday lives.

Learning materials

Firstly, you will find useful learning materials, which introduce different fields of artificial intelligence more clearly. To make them as practical as possible, they are full of real-life examples, useful tools, methods and exercises that support learners to gain knowledge about artificial intelligence and to support trainers to prepare training about artificial intelligence.

AI briefings

Basic information and key concepts on AI


Toolkit for capacity building in AI beginner courses


Handbook guiding readers through useful resources, training materials and contents on AI


Step-by-step guidelines for trainers in adult education to conduct online and offline training about AI


List with specific terms related to AI and their definitions

Learning nuggets

In this section you can listen to experts‘ opinions and insights about artificial intelligence. The interviews were given by various experts and thus reflect subjective approaches and statements. The knowledge is later tested in learning nuggets, which serve as an evaluation of your knowledge about artificial intelligence. No worries, you cannot fail the test. It is only meant as feedback that you should consider as a learning by doing task even if you might not know the answers.

Nugget 1
Nugget 2
Nugget 3
Nugget 4
Nugget 5
Nugget 6
Nugget 7
Nugget 8

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