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This e-learning platform consists of:

  • A handbook about current trends in conducting job interviews, job requirements and sought-after skills
  • Five 360° videos about preparation and training for a job interview
  • Learning units about competency-based interview questions and strategies how to conduct a successful job interview
  • VR about Training in the use of VR technology, VR methodology and VR application training

This handbook gives an overview about current trends on job interviews (traditional and digital) and soft skills employers look for.

Click on the document to access the handbook.


PDF guide


PDF guide


PDF guide


PDF guide

In this section they are more resources to improve skills…

– Soft skills: Module 1, learning unit 4
– Hard skills: Module 1, learning unit 5
– Administrative competencies: Module 1, learning unit 6
– Analytical competencies: Module 1, learning unit 7
– Social competencies: Module 1, learning unit 8

This section includes five 360 videos to prepare for a job interview and experience it.

You can watch these videos in two ways:

360° on YouTube

Click here to see the videos in a 360 environment.

Virtual Reality Glasses

Click here to get the video files for using VR.

This section includes guidelines for teachers with methodological instructions for classroom activities to prepare for a job interview.

Job application documents
Preparation for a job interview
Interview training

In this section you can learn more about how to use VR technology.

Click the learning nuggets to discover more:

Learning nugget 1
Learning nugget 2
Learning nugget 3
Learning nugget 4

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